Dr. Sajic Offers Evolve Non-Surgical Body Contouring and Fat Reduction In Guelph, Featured On “Trending With Aleia Ally”

Dr. Sajic on Rogers TV

Dr. Dusan Sajic makes a return appearance on Rogers TV’s “Trending with Aleia Ally” to share the latest news on non-surgical body contouring, fat reduction and muscle toning. The new Evolve device uses “wearable” applicators placed on the body to deliver controlled radio frequency energy for skin tightening and fat reduction. Muscle toning is achieved with electrical muscle stimulation.

Evolve treatments are the first that can perform three-dimensional body contouring and are safe for all skin types and colors.

The new episode is running for two weeks starting Feb. 11 on Rogers TV Cable 20, and may also be seen on the show’s website. Here it is on our YouTube channel:

Dr. Sajic says that Evolve applicators may be placed on the abdomen, thighs, waistline, back or other areas, and several areas can be treated simultaneously. Evolve has three modes that can be used separately or in sequence: tite, trim and tone.

“Radio frequency energy is used for the ‘tite’ and ‘trim’ modes. Collagen stimulation and collagen building occurs in the tite mode, tightening the skin and increasing elasticity,” says Dr. Sajic. “Fat reduction is achieved in the trim mode.”

“Once the patient’s unwanted fat is reduced and the skin is tightened the Evolve can be used to tone and build muscle,” says Dr. Sajic. Electrical muscle stimulation is used for the ‘tone’ mode. ”

“Evolve treatments can be used for a ‘mommy makeover’ for the body with results that are often superior to treatments like Coolsculpting,” says Dr. Sajic.

“Evolve treatments allow social distancing during treatments as little or no contact is required between patients and providers,” says Dr. Sajic. ”The Evolve is programmed for each patient’s desired treatment and body area, the patient is fitted with the applicators and we can leave the room during the treatment session. Evolve treatments are pain-free and there is no downtime required.”

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