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Maintaining your skin’s health should be part of taking care of your overall health. Unfortunately, men and women often put off scheduling routine skin checkups and only contact a dermatologist in Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, or surrounding areas in Southwest Ontario when they need treatment for a skin condition.

Our dermatologists at deRMA Skin Institute, led by Royal College-certified dermatologist Dr. Dusan Sajic, are recognized for their expertise in diagnosing and treating skin conditions ranging from acne to skin cancer. Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of skin conditions is an essential component of your overall health care.

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Conditions We Treat

Use the links to the pages listed below to learn more about a skin condition that may be causing concern:

Active Acne: Treating acne involves an approach that takes into account the severity of the condition and a patient’s lifestyle.

Acne Scarring: We offer multiple treatment options to minimize the appearance of acne scars.

Rosacea: This chronic condition that causes facial redness and bumps can be controlled with various treatments.

Hyperpigmentation: Skin discolouration is a common concern and has multiple causes.

Sun Damage: Damage caused by sun exposure is the primary reason for signs of aging and can lead to more severe skin conditions.

Actinic Keratosis: Years of sun exposure can result in rough, scaly patches developing on the face, lips, ears, forearms, scalp, neck, or back of the hands.

Melasma: Sometimes referred to as the “pregnancy mask” because it’s associated with hormonal changes, melasma can be minimized with medical laser treatments.

Eczema: Adults and infants alike can develop this common condition that causes dry, itchy, red areas.

Psoriasis: Managing this incurable, uncomfortable skin condition is especially important for quality of life.

Alopecia: Thinning hair may be a symptom of alopecia, an auto-immune disorder that can occur in men or women.

Skin Cancer: Regular skin checkups can lead to early detection of different types of skin cancers, the vast majority of which can be successfully treated.

Dr. Sajic and his team actively participate in research and clinical trials for medications to treat a variety of clinical conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


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