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Laser Vein Therapy

Do you avoid wearing shorts or skirts to hide varicose or spider veins on your legs? Are you self-conscious about broken capillaries or spider veins on your face? Our dermatologists use ClearVein non-invasive laser vein therapy at our Guelph, ON, clinic to reduce or eliminate unsightly veins. Dr. Dusan Sajic is a recognized leader in aesthetic laser technology and leads our team at deRMA Skin Institute.

What’s The Difference Between Spider Veins And Varicose Veins?

The 2 most common types of visible veins addressed by laser treatments are called spider veins and varicose veins. Both varicose and spider veins are blood vessels that become enlarged and visible due to weakened valves, which cause blood to pool rather than flow.

Despite this similarity, they are distinct conditions. Spider veins are tiny and tend to occur as clusters or branches. They can be red, dark purple, or blue. Varicose veins are larger, raised, and can be blue or red. Instead of a spidery appearance, varicose veins look more like bulging and twisted cords. Most varicose veins occur on the legs and, unlike spider veins, can cause discomfort and may signal more serious health issues, including blood clots.

How Does Laser Vein Therapy Work?

We use Harmony’s ClearVein and DyeVL lasers for reducing the appearance of veins at our clinic. Laser vein treatments work in a way that’s similar to laser hair removal. Instead of targeting pigment in a hair follicle, though, the laser targets pigment in blood vessels without damaging the skin’s surface. The heat generated by the laser collapses the veins, which are eventually broken down and absorbed by the body. This is safe and beneficial because blood circulation is re-routed to healthy, functional veins.

Dye lasers are considered the gold standard option for treating and removing vascular or vein-related problems.

What Happens During A Laser Vein Treatment?

Patients prefer laser vein treatments to other options because they are non-invasive and don’t require numbing or needles. Our laser vein treatment cools the skin at the same time it delivers the laser energy. This is accomplished using a cold sapphire tip, minimizing discomfort and greatly reducing the chance of damaging the skin’s surface.

You can return immediately to normal activities after the 30-minute procedure. Sclerotherapy, a common vein treatment alternative, involves injecting a solution directly into a vein, causing it to swell and ultimately turn into scar tissue before fading. Sclerotherapy side effects include bruising, swelling, bleeding, discolouration, and possible infection.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Vein Therapy?

We prefer using laser energy to treat unsightly veins for a number of reasons. Laser vein therapy:

  • Reduces appearance of spider veins
  • Improves rosacea and redness
  • Is non-invasive
  • Doesn’t require downtime
  • Is safe, reliable, and suitable for all skin types

ClearVein and DyeVL treatments are also efficient, with many patients scheduling appointments during their lunch hour.

Can You Combine Laser Vein Therapy With Other Treatments?

If you’re looking for more comprehensive cosmetic results, especially if treating facial veins, combine other nonsurgical procedures with laser vein therapy. You can get neuromodulator injections such as BOTOX®, Dysport®, or XEOMIN® or injectable fillers to reduce wrinkling.

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Women and men interested in laser vein therapy in Kitchener, Cambridge, and surrounding areas in Southwestern Ontario choose deRMA Skin Institute for their treatments. Request a consultation using the online form or call us at (888) 803-3762 to schedule an appointment with one of our dermatologists.

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With more than 20 years of experience, deRMA Skin Institute strive to offer patients the most advanced treatments available to keep their skin healthy and looking its best. Board Certified Dermatologist, Dusan Sajic, MD, PhD, board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, Richard Backstein, MD, FRCSC, Sonja Sajic, CCPA, Toni Alberto CCPA, Tiffany Chen MD PRCPC and Daniel Wong MD FRCPC are committed to providing state-of-the-art medical, surgical and cosmetic treatments to all patients in Guelph, Burlington, Cambridge, Kitchener, Hamilton, Milton, and surrounding areas.


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