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Detecting skin cancer
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Melanoma is the deadliest type of skin cancer.

As skin cancer rates continue to rise, it is increasingly important to prioritize early detection and prevention. Mole scanning can help identify skin cancers at an early stage, when they are most treatable, and facilitate prevention.†††

Early detection is critical for the successful treatment of skin cancer, and FotoFinder can play a crucial role in this process.

*source: Canadian Cancer Society

95% Survival Rate
Mole mapping using Al technology

Mole mapping using Al technology.

Mole mapping with the Fotofinder dermoscope is a full body scanner we offer at Derma Skin Institute that increases early detection of skin cancers.

The FotoFinder ATBM Master is a technology that allows a professional to inspect your moles and lesions with high-resolution images of your whole body. The advanced imaging mole map techniques can help detect new moles and compare changes in existing moles for the early treatment and successful elimination of skin cancer if it is detected.†

The system is able to accurately identify a wide range of skin cancers, including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

Total Body Photography

Track changes with
total body photography.

Patients with suspicious lesions or with a strong family or personal history of melanoma/skin cancer can be closely monitored using a standardized photo process using enhanced photo images.

Total body photography is the best way to track potential changes in moles and lesions for early detection of possible skin cancer.††

Following your scan, a dermatologist will provide you with an assessment and medical advice based on your results, plus a complete report. These useful findings can help identify potential health risks for your skin.


Dr. Dusan Sajic

“This tool allows patients to view and understand their own skin lesions in greater detail, helping them to recognize the importance of regular skin checks and early detection.”

Dusan Sajic, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate investigator at Probity Medical Research and
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at
McMaster University.

State-of-the-art technology
for advanced results.


FotoFinder utilizes extremely high-resolution camera to take a series of photos that complete a total body map.


Photos are transferred to a computer that isolates all detected lesions sorted by body localization or change category.


Artificial Intelligence scores skin lesions during pre-assessment for risk of melanocytic and non-melanocytic development.†


Total body dermoscopy detects atypical, new and changed lesions quickly and accurately. Our medical team will be able to provide early care.

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Full body scan

During the scan, the FotoFinder ATBM Master takes high-resolution pictures of all uncovered areas of your body. This whole body mole check provides a mole risk score through the use of AI for the assessment of lesions.

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Skin assessment

Approximately 6-12 months after your initial appointment, we compare your moles with photos from your initial visit. The system automatically compares baseline and follow-up images, and tries to identify new lesions or changes to current ones. We then build a preventative and proactive skin plan is customized for you!

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Plan follow-ups

If any lesions are flagged as abnormal, you will be notified and receive advice for further treatment. Suspicious lesions can be quickly marked for Dr. Sajic to determine the best course of action.

Full body scan

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FotoFinder mole mapping?

FotoFinder mole mapping is a technology that uses high-resolution images to monitor and track changes in your moles. This can help in the detection and prevention of skin cancer by catching any potential issues early on.

How does FotoFinder mole mapping

FotoFinder mole mapping involves taking detailed images of your skin, including your moles. These images are then compared over time to look for any changes or abnormalities. This allows for early detection of potential skin cancer and allows for timely treatment.

Is FotoFinder mole mapping safe?

Yes, FotoFinder mole mapping is a safe and non-invasive procedure. It does not involve any radiation or pain and can be performed quickly and easily in a medical office setting.

How accurate is FotoFinder mole mapping?

FotoFinder mole mapping is highly accurate and has been shown to be an effective tool in the detection and prevention of skin cancer. However, it is important to remember that it is not a replacement for regular skin exams by a healthcare provider and should be used as part of a comprehensive approach to skin cancer prevention.

Can FotoFinder mole mapping be used on all skin types?

Yes, FotoFinder mole mapping can be used on all skin types and tones. The high-resolution images allow for accurate monitoring of moles and changes on any skin type.

Is FotoFinder mole mapping covered by insurance?

Coverage for FotoFinder mole mapping may vary depending on your individual insurance plan. It is always a good idea to check with your insurance provider to determine your coverage.

Can FotoFinder mole mapping be used on children?

Yes, FotoFinder mole mapping can be used on children as well as adults. It is important to monitor moles in children as they can be more prone to developing skin cancer due to their developing immune systems.

Is FotoFinder mole mapping painful?

No, FotoFinder mole mapping is a completely non-invasive and painless procedure. It involves taking high-resolution images of your skin and moles, which can be done quickly and easily in a medical office setting.

How often should I have FotoFinder mole mapping done?

The frequency of FotoFinder mole mapping will depend on your individual needs and risk factors for skin cancer. Your healthcare provider will be able to recommend the best schedule for you based on your specific circumstances.

Can FotoFinder mole mapping detect all types of skin cancer?

FotoFinder mole mapping is highly effective at detecting melanoma, the most serious type of skin cancer. However, it may not detect other types of skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma, as easily. It is important to also be vigilant about checking your skin regularly and reporting any changes to your healthcare provider.

Can I schedule a FotoFinder mole mapping appointment at Burlington Skin and Wellness?

Yes, you can schedule a FotoFinder mole mapping appointment at Burlington Skin and Wellness by contacting our office at 4265 Thomas Alton Boulevard. Our team of skilled professionals will be happy to assist you in booking an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

How long does a FotoFinder mole mapping appointment take?

FotoFinder mole mapping appointments typically take about 30-45 minutes. This includes time for the images to be taken and for the healthcare provider to review the images and discuss any findings with you.

What should I expect during a FotoFinder mole mapping appointment at Burlington Skin and Wellness?

During a FotoFinder mole mapping appointment at Burlington Skin and Wellness, you can expect a friendly and welcoming environment. Our team will explain the process to you and answer any questions you may have. The images will be taken quickly and comfortably, and the healthcare provider will review the images with you and discuss any findings.

Is there any preparation required before a FotoFinder mole mapping appointment at Burlington Skin and Wellness?

There is no special preparation required before a FotoFinder mole mapping appointment at Burlington Skin and Wellness. It is a good idea to wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows easy access to your skin. You may also want to bring a list of any medications or supplements you are currently taking as well as any questions you may have for the healthcare provider.

Can I request a specific healthcare provider for my FotoFinder mole mapping appointment at Burlington Skin and Wellness?

Yes, you can request a specific healthcare provider for your FotoFinder mole mapping appointment at Burlington Skin and Wellness. Simply let our team know when you schedule your appointment and we will do our best to accommodate your request. If the requested provider is not available, we will work with you to find a suitable alternative.

Back by extensive research

Read through these research articles and clinical trials to understand the science behind Mole Mapping technology.

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