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Dr. Sajic’s 5 Dimension Skin Plan™ Before & After Case 24

Dr. Sajic's 5 Dimension Skin Plan™ Before & After Case 24

Case Details

Dr. Sajic’s Trademarked 5 Dimension Skin Plan™

Fixing one part (or one dimension in Dr. Sajics’ trademarked 5 Dimension Skin Plan™) is like fixing just one part of your house, each of the 5 dimensions of the aging process are addressed to help patients age timelessly! 

With 20 years of research and experience, Doctor Sajic has developed a unique and innovative 5 Dimensions Skin PlanTM and 5 Dimensions Skin LiftTM that addresses the interrelated dimensions of your skin health, aging and disease. This integrative approach will help to hack and delay the signs of aging – helping us bring out the best version of you.
 Note: Individual results may vary.

Procedures Performed

  • Dr. Sajic’s 5 Dimension Skin Plan™

Provider: Dusan Sajic MD

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