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Dr. Sajic’s 5 Dimension Skin Plan™ Before & After Case 20

Dr. Sajic's 5 Dimension Skin Plan™ Before & After Case 20

Case Details

Combination Of Co2, Morpheus8 And Accutite

Remodeling device designed to strengthen, reshape and rejuvenate the structure and function of your skin. Morpheus8 is a safe, relatively painless treatment to treat the visible signs of aging. 

At derma skin institute we have numerous techniques and technologies to slow down father time. Our lead cosmetic and aesthetic dermatologist, Dr Sajic has developed the 5 Dimension Skin Lift that addresses the aging components of Degradation, Deflation and Descent in all 5 Dimensions of the skin – Bone, Fat, Deep skin tissue, Skin surface/texture and Muscle.

Note: Individual results may vary.

Procedures Performed

  • Dr. Sajic’s 5 Dimension Skin Plan™

Provider: Dusan Sajic MD

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