Skin Tightening, Fat Reduction in Guelph With New Hands-Free Device

deRMA Skin Institute

Evolve Trim treatment abdomen deRMA Skin Institute introduces non-surgical fat reduction, skin tightening and body contouring with the Evolve device. Muscle toning is also performed with the Evolve, and all treatments are done with “wearable” applicators for social distancing.

Guelph, ON – “Technology is changing how we perform cosmetic treatments,” says dermatologist Dr. Dusan Sajic of deRMA Skin Institute. “Newly developed ‘wearable’ medical devices enable social distancing with hands-free treatments. For example, a new non-surgical skin tightening and body contouring device named ‘Evolve’ uses radio frequency energy which is safe for all skin colors and ethnicities.”

“The Evolve is the first to perform three-dimensional body contouring by treating unwanted fat, skin laxity and muscle tone,” says Dr. Sajic. “Until now non-surgical fat reduction, skin tightening and muscle toning required multiple devices with different treatment schedules. The ‘Evolve’ device is capable of performing all three body shaping treatments: fat reduction, skin tightening and muscle toning.”

Evolve treatments tighten, trim and tone the body using controlled radio frequency (RF) energy delivered through wearable applicators that are placed on the abdomen, thighs, waistline, back or other areas. Multiple areas can be treated at the same time.

The doctor programs the device for the desired treatment and body area, the patient is fitted and the doctor can leave the room during the session. 

Three modes are available that can be used separately or in sequence to reshape the body: “tite”, “trim and “tone”. Evoke fat reduction treatment
• For “tite” and “trim,” the device uses radio frequency energy. As the target temperatures are reached collagen stimulation and collagen building occurs, with the net effect of tightening the skin and giving it more elasticity.Fat reduction is achieved in the “trim” mode.
• “Once the patient’s fat is gone and skin tightened the Evolve can also be used as a hands free gym to build muscle,” says Dr. Sajic. “The Evolve employs electrical muscle stimulation for the ‘tone’ mode.” The non-surgical treatments require little or no contact between patients and their doctors, and patients can choose to have  treatments individually or in sequence for optimal results. 
Evolve back before-after

“Evolve treatments take about 30 -40 minutes each. Patients can use their phone, check their emails, or just take a nap. The treatments are pain-free and there is no downtime.”

Dr. Sajic shares his own Evolve treatment and results on YouTube:

Hands Free devices are among the top trends in medical treatments, introduced at the “International Master Course on Aging Science” in Paris.

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