Dr. Dusan Sajic Shares Skin Care Hacks To Cancel “Covid Face”

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“From wearing masks to staring at our computer and phone screens all day, the pandemic is playing havoc with our skin’s health and appearance,” says Guelph dermatologist Dr. Dusan Sajic. “Words we never heard of just a year ago, such as ‘maskne’, the facial skin irritation caused by hours of wearing masks, are now common terms. But there are things you can do to protect and rejuvenate your skin in spite of these issues.”

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Dr. Sajic shares these skin hacks you can do at home to promote healthier, better-looking skin:
1.  Say NO to “maskne” – if possible, use masks made of cotton or natural fiber with  3 layers.
wash or change masks frequently
take breaks from wearing your mask &  remove it whenever you can

2. Don’t use too many skin care products ; simplify your routine
– acne cosmetica is a type of acne that comes from too much use of skin care products – sometimes less is more!

3. Use sunscreen even while you’re on FaceTime or in zoom meetings!
Studies show that the blue light emitted by mobile phones and computer screens can accelerate aging of the skin.

Use a tinted sunscreen (SPF >30)

Use built-in or add-on screen filters or protectors to block blue light when using your phone, laptop or tablet

4. Be careful with traditional acne and anti-aging products – they can make maskne worse.
retinol and vitamin c  will make irritation worse
avoid toners, aha / bha
switch up your skin care routine to less irritating compounds

5. Try Alternative skin treatments
-consider switching your anti acne , anti aging and antioxidants

a.) “Bakuchiol”, a vegan retinol alternative is getting a lot of attention, and for good reason. It offers very similar benefits to retinol but with much less irritation.

Our research has led to the development of exacne™, a new formulation that contains bakuchiol and hydroxytyrosol (see below), Exacne is effective for treating multiple skin conditions.
b.) Hydroxytyrosol – an antioxidant that is  stronger than vitamin c but causes less irritation
c.) Azelaic Acid – gentle anti-inflammatory compounds

ExAcne skin cream

Exacne is now available without a prescription at Derma Skin Institute or online at https://dermaresearch.com/shop

6. Finally, avoid having a “Two Tone Face”. Be sure to use sunscreen regularly on the areas of your face not covered by your mask, whether indoors or outdoors. You want your entire face to match when the mask comes off!

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